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At JojoParty, we believe that balloon and backdrop are more than just decorations. They are a symbol of happiness, love and celebration. From elegant weddings to fun-filled birthday parties, we have a balloon backdrop design for every occasion.


But our mission is more than just creating beautiful balloon backdrop decorations. We want to bring people together and create unforgettable memories. We believe that life is too short to celebrate every moment, big or small. That’s why we strive to make every event we decorate a truly special and meaningful experience.

At JojoParty, we are more than just a balloon backdrop decorating company. We are a team of passionate people dedicated to making your dreams come true. Let us help you celebrate the special moments in your life in a unique way.


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We provide free shipping for all orders as our aim is to become the top supplier of event decorations.

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Jojoparty strives to offer the highest quality party props in the industry as our primary objective.

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Even with our superior quality balloon backdrops, we ensure that our pricing remains unmatched in the industry, providing great value to our customers.

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We prioritize the security of your transactions by implementing robust measures to ensure safe and secure payments.

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